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Welcome to the "Palmetto Grad" collection page. Some would say, I grew up on campus and as a 1988 Graduate of The Citadel, I decided that a truly unique design needed to be created that represented not only the school but the state of South Carolina.  So I took pencil in hand and began the process of putting the idea on paper,asking other alumni for feedback, changing the design elements, and finally submitting it for a federal copy right. The result of the effort is the "Palmetto Grad" design.  

The design incorporates the cresent, palmetto tree, state seals of South Carolina, a cadet officer, a bag piper, and either the class year or S.C.  This makes the design specific to your Citadel class and not just the school.
The "Palmetto Grad" design is available on many different products from Decanters, Insulated Travel Mugs, Double Old Fashion Glasses, Tall Glasses, Name Tags, and even a Ceramic Tile.  

We have other items available for engraving.  The following pictures show some more detail and other class years.
The Palmetto Grad Decanter is a laser etched with the "Palmetto Grad" design and the class year .  This is often paired with DOF (Double Old Fashion) glasses with the same design and can have the graduate's name added if necessary.

The pictures to the right show the detail of the design etched into the glass as well as the name location on the DOF.

Decanter Sets are available for:
1 Decanter and 4 DOF glasses for $108.00 plus shipping.
1 Decanter and 6 DOF glasses for $133.00 plus shipping
Coffee Mugs are also available in several colors with blue being the most popular.  These are 11 oz ceramic mugs that are laser etched to reveal the white design.  

Coffee mugs are available for $15.00 each plus shipping
Be sure to specify color:   Blue, Red, Pink, Orange, Green, Silver/Black, White/Black, or Black/White   ... 

Polar Camel Insulated Mugs are available in two sizes and several colors.  Most people order the powder coat flat black which laser etches to reveal the stainless steel design.  The large 30oz  is shown to the left but a smaller 20oz  version is also available.

These are priced at $30.00 plus shipping for the 30oz
and $25.00 plus shipping for the smaller 20oz mug.
This includes the design with your year and name.

The most comon colors ordered are include Black, Blue, Red,and Pink.
Luggage Tags and Name Tags are also available.  Please note that name tags show a little less detail due to the much smaller size of the engraving.  These name tags feature a magnetic back so that you don't have to put pin holes in your shirts.

While not a stock product item, from time to time we have crafted hand made flag cases.  These take a good bit of time as they are solid wood engraved with etched Acrylic in place of glass.  The picture to the left was done for a graduate and friend.  It is presented here as an example of the custom work that can be done.

**  Printed Products are Planned for Late August 2018 **
We are expanding our offerings to include printed items with the "Palmetto Grad" design.  The offering includes T-Shirts, Hats, Bags, Signs, Flags, and Banners.