Old South Engraving Inc
Making Memories One Unique Gift At A Time
Engraving in wood can be both a formal and informal gift medium.   We have engraved clocks, folding knifes, lazy susans, large wall clocks, cutting boards, plaques, bbq sets, urns, gift boxes, frames, wooden nickles, awards, birth announcement plaques, and even display toys.  

Turning ideas into a gift to remember is always a fun thing to do.  One of the more memoriable gifts to make was the "Sushi Training Center" pictured to the left.  It was an office fish tank for a sushi eater.  Lots of fun to make and even more fun as a gift.  

Other items included cutting boards for beach houses and local resturants.

More examples can be found on the
               Custom Wooden Plaques and Wooden Gifts Pages.